Commit e8af15ba authored by mgabdev's avatar mgabdev

Adding missing is_donor, is_investor attributes to account_serializer

parent fd50f033
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ class REST::AccountSerializer < ActiveModel::Serializer
attributes :id, :username, :acct, :display_name, :locked, :bot, :created_at,
:note, :url, :avatar, :avatar_static, :header, :header_static,
:followers_count, :following_count, :statuses_count, :is_pro, :is_verified
:followers_count, :following_count, :statuses_count, :is_pro, :is_verified, :is_donor, :is_investor
has_one :moved_to_account, key: :moved, serializer: REST::AccountSerializer, if: :moved_and_not_nested?
has_many :emojis, serializer: REST::CustomEmojiSerializer
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