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A **stand-alone** installation guide will be provided as soon as possible.
A **Vagrant** configuration is included for development purposes.
## Local development
To get started developing on Gab, you will need to run a version of it locally.
The following instructions assume you are already familiar with using a terminal program.
1. Install [Vagrant]( and [VirtualBox]( if you haven't already.
2. Clone this repository with `git clone`
3. Change into the project directory with `cd gab-social`
4. Run `vagrant up` to provision the virtual machine. This will take a while.
5. Finally, run `vagrant ssh -c "cd /vagrant && foreman start"` to start the local web server.
6. Visit in your web browser to see Gab's splash screen. If it doesn't load, or styling is missing, wait another minute and refresh the page.
7. Log in with the username `admin` and password `administrator`
8. Have fun developing on Gab!
## License
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