Commit 9f43f74b authored by Rob Colbert's avatar Rob Colbert

Merge branch 'fix/blocks-mutes-for-group-feeds' into 'develop'

use feed manager to filter posts in group feeds

See merge request gab/social/gab-social!35
parents 1bfbb53c 8bc76713
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ class Api::V1::Timelines::GroupController < Api::BaseController
statuses = group_timeline_statuses.without_replies.paginate_by_id(
params_slice(:max_id, :since_id, :min_id)
).reject { |status| FeedManager.instance.filter?(:home, status, }
if truthy_param?(:only_media)
# `SELECT DISTINCT id, updated_at` is too slow, so pluck ids at first, and then select id, updated_at with ids.
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