Commit 7fe03906 authored by Rob Colbert's avatar Rob Colbert

Merge branch 'feature/show-group-in-status-component' of...

Merge branch 'feature/show-group-in-status-component' of into develop
parents fcd7b870 20a12f73
......@@ -185,6 +185,12 @@ export default class DetailedStatus extends ImmutablePureComponent {
<DisplayName account={status.get('account')} localDomain={this.props.domain} />
{status.get('group') && (
<div className='status__meta'>
Posted in <NavLink to={`/groups/${status.getIn(['group', 'id'])}`}>{status.getIn(['group', 'title'])}</NavLink>
<StatusContent status={status} expanded={!status.get('hidden')} onExpandedToggle={this.handleExpandedToggle} />
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