Commit 70e3cef5 authored by mgabdev's avatar mgabdev

Updated footer link text cases

parent 2f43a48c
......@@ -31,11 +31,11 @@
%span= "2019 Gab AI Inc. All Rights Reserved."
%li= link_to t('about.investors'), about_investors_path
%li= link_to t('about.terms_of_sale'), about_sales_path
%li= link_to t('about.dmca'), about_dmca_path
%li= link_to t('about.source_code'), about_path + "#opensource"
%li= link_to 'Terms of Sale', about_sales_path
%li= link_to 'DMCA', about_dmca_path
%li= link_to 'Source Code', about_path + "#opensource"
%li= mail_to '', 'Press'
%li= link_to t('about.terms'), about_tos_path
%li= link_to t('about.privacy_policy'), about_privacy_path
%li= link_to 'Terms of Service', about_tos_path
%li= link_to 'Privacy Policy', about_privacy_path
= render template: 'layouts/application'
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