Commit 39dc2b12 authored by 2458773093's avatar 2458773093

allow existing images of the account for edits

parent 29d5656f
......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ class EditStatusService < BaseService
raise GabSocial::ValidationError, I18n.t('media_attachments.validations.too_many') if @options[:media_ids].size > 4
@media = @account.media_attachments.where(status_id: nil).where(id: @options[:media_ids].take(4).map(&:to_i))
@media = @account.media_attachments.where(id: @options[:media_ids].take(4).map(&:to_i))
raise GabSocial::ValidationError, I18n.t('media_attachments.validations.images_and_video') if @media.size > 1 && @media.find(&:video?)
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