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# Manually Resetting a User's Password
# Manually Setting a User's Password
Open a shell in your instance's environment and start an interactive Ruby
There just isn't an Admin web interface for setting a user's password. You can reset a password and have the new one emailed to them by the system, but it's not possible to just directly set a user's login password using the Admin interface.
If you are operating in a production environment, you can attach to a running container and execute a Bash shell:
docker ps | grep live_web | awk '{ print $NF }'
This will output something like:
You can attach to that running container using:
docker exec -ti live_web_1 bash
## Set New User Password
Start an interactive Ruby interpreter:
cd ~/live
bin/rails c
In the Ruby shell, you are going to load the account record, load the user
record for that account, change the password for the User object, and save the
User object.
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