Commit 1e6cf79f authored by mgabdev's avatar mgabdev

Added checks in application.html.haml for tag, status, account for meta tags

enables meta tag content for search engine indexing and titles per each
parent 5b27b6b6
......@@ -18,6 +18,13 @@
%meta{ name: 'theme-color', content: '#282c37' }/
%meta{ name: 'apple-mobile-web-app-capable', content: 'yes' }/
- if @tag
= render 'tags/meta', tag: @tag, initial_state_json: @initial_state_json
- elsif @stream_entry && @account
= render 'stream_entries/meta', stream_entry: @stream_entry, account: @account
- elsif @account
= render 'accounts/meta', account: @account, older_url: nil, newer_url: nil
%title= content_for?(:page_title) ? safe_join([yield(:page_title).chomp.html_safe, title], ' - ') : title
= stylesheet_pack_tag 'common', media: 'all'
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